PVC Fabric Coatings

Integra Fabric Coatings Limited can coat virtually any fabric with a PVC coating including felt, cotton, and glass cloth.   We believe that we stand apart from the market and spread coaters as we can offer a huge variety of handles and thicknesses making us incredibly versatile in the production of PVC fabric coatings.

For our clients patterned fabrics we can coat using a clear PVC coating in many different handles.  We can also coat plain fabric to create any colour finish utilising coloured PVC.  This coating can even be Pantone matched to an exact colour using the correct dispersion or alternatively matched as closely as possible by eye.

We can produce PVC coatings that are Flame Retardant to the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations 1988.  We are also able to meet contract Fire Safety specifications upon request.

As we are privately owned and a medium sized business we can offer a speed of response that gives our clients an edge.  On average we can turn orders and samples around in two weeks and often in less than one week from receipt of the clients fabric.